Insurance Bad Faith

    Has Your Insurance Company Failed to Live Up to Its Duties and Responsibilities?

    In most states and jurisdictions, insurance companies have a legal responsibility to act in good faith and treat insured individuals fairly as outlined by contractual agreement. This obligation is called an “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing,” which is required and specified in every insurance contract. If an insurance company fails to live up to these terms, you (the policyholder) have a right to sue for damages.

    An insurer may be acting in bad faith if the insurer:

    • Postpones, reduces or denies payment without a reasonable basis for doing so
    • Neglects to respond promptly to notification of a covered claim
    • Fails to pay a covered claim due to lack of a thorough and timely investigation
    • Deliberately deceives or misrepresents the facts to avoid paying claims
    • Attempts to distort or misinterpret policy language to avoid coverage
    • Demonstrates unreasonable delay in resolving a claim without explanation
    • Uses an improper or unreasonable standard to deny a claim

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