Dangerous Highway Design

    Driver Error? Or Accident Resulting from Dangerous Highway Design?

    Often, people take the police or patrolman’s word that they made a mistake or the other driver was at fault for a car accident. Many people don’t realize that the design and maintenance of the highway may have been the real cause of the crash. Highway designers and construction companies are under strict regulations to ensure roads can handle the speed and volume of traffic they carry.

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    At Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman, we’ve been helping people recover full and fair money damages for car accident injuries and wrongful death since 1949. If you’ve been injured in an accident or lost a loved one in a fatal crash, a dangerous highway design may be a contributing factor.

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    We have experience helping clients recover maximum money damages for injuries and wrongful death resulting from highway design problems, such as:

    • Improper signage
    • Construction zone accidents
    • Obstructed line of sight accidents
    • Pot holes and improper road maintenance
    • Unsafe curves
    • Unsafe passing zones
    • Uneven shoulders
    • Construction zone debris
    • Unsafe railroad crossings

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    Our team is proud of our name recognition throughout the Kansas City region and our record of settlements and verdicts. We’re proud members of the Kansas City community, and we will be responsive to your family’s needs, honest and clear in our legal explanations and committed to your concerns throughout your case.

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