Oil and Gas Field Accidents

    Were You Injured While Working in the Oil and Gas Fields?

    The oil and gas fields throughout Kansas, Oklahoma and eastern Nebraska employ hundreds of workers and supply much of our nation’s oil and natural gas. Working conditions in the field and along the pipeline routes are also among the most dangerous in the country. Every year, workers are killed or injured in pipeline explosions, industrial accidents and truck accidents transporting petroleum products.
    No Attorney Fees Unless We Help You Recover Money

    If you or a family member has been injured in an oil or gas field accident, you can rely on the attorneys of Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman to help you protect your rights.

    We represent workers and families in every type of personal injury or wrongful death claim resulting from oil and gas field accidents such as:

    • Transport truck accidents
    • Gas well drilling accidents
    • Pipeline explosions and burns
    • Defective drilling and pumping equipment
    • Materials handling accidents
    • Property owner liability
    • Subcontractor negligence

    Success Means More Than Just Settlements and Verdicts

    Our attorneys understand that a serious injury or wrongful death case will have an impact on your family beyond money damages. Everything changes. Your entire future as a family is at stake.

    Our staff is caring, compassionate and committed to providing the highest level of client services and responsive communication. We will help you get every resource you need as your case progresses toward a settlement or verdict.

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