Whistleblower Claims

    You Have a Right and an Obligation to Stop Fraud.

    If you work for a company that is committing fraud against a federal, state or municipal government agency, you have a right to report the abuse without fear of retribution. In many cases, you’ll also be eligible to recover a significant portion of the settlement or award against the fraudulent company.

    If you’re ready to step forward and file a whistleblower claim against your employer, make sure you understand your legal rights. You will be filing your claim against a corporation with legal resources to fight back. It’s best to have strong representation on your side, protecting your rights throughout the process.

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    A whistleblower claim is also called a Qui Tam claim. It means that you are filing a claim on behalf of the government. If you work for a company with government contracts and suspect any of the following kinds of fraudulent actions, you may be eligible to recover significant compensation for a whistleblower claim:

    • Double billing
    • False claims for services rendered
    • Illegal billing for uncompleted services
    • Billing for unreported cost over-runs
    • Underperformance of contract
    • Illegal subcontracting of work
    • Compiling or sharing of private information
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