Our Philosophy & Commitment

This Is Who We Are and What We Believe:

  • We are dedicated to ensuring that any person who is injured by the misconduct of others can get justice in the courtroom, even when taking on powerful interests.
  • We are determined to protect the legal rights of all of our clients and strengthen the civil justice system so wrongdoers are held accountable.
  • We are committed to obtaining a just and equitable resolution of your case, whether by settlement, trial or appeal.
  • We understand the many new problems a serious personal injury, death or financial loss will cause to you and your family and the emotional toll it can take. We know how to help with these issues.
  • We have the resources to successfully handle even the most complicated and challenging cases. This includes an extensive network of consultants, physicians, engineers, life-care planners, and others, who can provide the expert analysis and testimony needed to win your case.
  • We work as a team, collaboratively, with two attorneys, a legal assistant and one or more secretaries as a core group on each case. A knowledgeable team member is always available to you; and we will promptly return your calls.
  • We always remember that this is your only case and of the utmost importance, so we keep you informed; educate you; and get you an excellent result.
  • When you put your trust in us, we pledge our full experience and resources to win your case.