Our Process

We’ll Clearly Explain What You Can Expect.

For most people who’ve experienced a serious personal injury or life-changing accident, this is their first encounter with the legal system and with lawyers. It can sometimes be intimidating. There’s also a hesitation at times from victims to pursue justice against someone else. On top of that, there’s an underlying fear about the future of the family, how to overcome the situation and try to put lives back in order as well as possible.

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you. We truly understand what you’re going through, and we’ve learned that it is most helpful to first listen – not just to the specific details of your situation – but also about your fears, concerns, questions and hopes.

Then, we will carefully take you through all of your options, and offer our best legal advice based on our experience and understanding. But we’ll also thoughtfully consider any unease you may be having, while reassuring you that our only job is to be your voice and advocate for your rights.

Here’s What You Should Bring to Our Initial Meeting.

We understand that meeting with attorneys is probably not something that’s very familiar to you. So you may not know what to do or expect. Here’s a list of things to prepare or bring with you for our initial consultation.

In addition to telling us your story in as much detail as you can, it is helpful if you can also provide:

  • Names and contact information for any witnesses (if appropriate)
  • Related medical records
  • Police report
  • Health insurance contract
  • Letters or communication from insurance companies