Why SJB?

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire SJB

  1. We’re the lawyers that other lawyers and professionals trust and respect.
    You have many choices when seeking legal assistance. Kansas City isn’t lacking in qualified attorneys. But not all law firms receive such a large percentage of client referrals from other law firms and medical professionals as SJB does. This high regard among our peers, who deem us worthy of their recommendation, is humbling; yet it also speaks volumes about their level of trust in our abilities.
  2. We’ll treat you as a person instead of another client.
    As one of the Midwest’s most prominent personal injury law firms, SJB has witnessed more than its share of suffering and loss. Our attorneys have been involved in people’s lives at times of tremendous anguish and emotional stress. So to truly understand what prospective clients are experiencing, we relate on a human level, first. We listen; then examine the facts, provide counsel and invest ourselves fully and personally.
  3. Our attorneys are highly capable and highly committed to justice.
    As personal injury attorneys, only one result is acceptable – justice for our clients. It makes us passionate advocates for you and your family. To be fervent protectors of fairness, we rely on more than legal, negotiation and courtroom skills. We draw upon genuine feelings of empathy and concern in seeing that you achieve the compensation you rightly deserve.
  4. We’ll work harder to ensure that we’re well prepared for your success.
    Many lawyers are willing to put in long hours of work. We believe that ultimate success on your behalf takes more. It requires intense determination and a near-obsessive and vehement conviction in the need to right wrongs by holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.
  5. We have the talent, determination and resources to go the distance.
    Many law firms are not likely to tell you this, but they may not have the size, experience, patience or financial resources to bring your case to its best conclusion. SJB takes pride in our brand of all-in advocacy. When we agree to handle your case, we do so knowing that we can endure the rigors of potentially prolonged litigation and that we have the capital, good judgment and perseverance to see your case through.