Environmental Accidents

    Hazardous Waste Can Cause a Lifetime of Health Problems.

    Poisonous chemicals and other pollution dumped into landfills eventually seep into groundwater and can contaminate the clean water supply for innocent residents living or working near the dumping site. Despite strict laws against dumping and spilling toxic chemicals and products, many businesses continue to take shortcuts and dispose of their waste illegally.

    Trust Our Prominent Environment Law Attorneys.

    If your soil or groundwater has been contaminated by hazardous waste, don’t wait until you or members of your family begin to experience health problems. Talk to an experienced litigation attorney at Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman. Since 1949, we’ve been the law firm people turn to when it’s important to stand up and fight back against large, well-funded corporations.

    Our attorneys work as a team to combine our experience with a network of independent experts who help us investigate and develop the strongest case possible for maximum money damages. We’ve obtained some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the region against companies that illegally contaminated our air, land and water.

    We represent clients in environmental law cases involving situations like:

    • Benzine spills
    • Residential asbestos
    • Oil spills and natural gas leaks
    • Dumping of fluorescent tubes, batteries
    • Mercury dumping
    • All other types of toxic waste

    We’re happy to sit down with you to discuss your specific environmental law claim and exposure to toxic chemicals.

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